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MVIT Living is not just about a training program, it's about your lifestyle & well-being.

Our trainers take your health & fitness goals personally. We understand that losing weight or gaining muscle can be challenging or even just looking to improve  your standard of living . Whatever your goal, MVIT Living will be your partner. We do more than help you overcome hurdles and reach your goal. We empower you with the knowledge and information needed to help you sustain and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

We consider body type, metabolism, activity factor and a range of other external elements to help create a personalised fitness plan with all the online support you need.

Training Expertise


With years of training experience and success, we are capable of creating a health and fitness plan that will help you reach your goals and keep them. Depending on your goals, we can establish the fitness and nutrition regime that will suit your lifestyle and be sustainable. Our trainers are the partner to your health & fitness journey in the gym and online.

Your Success is Our Goal


Investing in yourself equips you with the tools to succeed in other aspects of your life. We understand that incorporating new fitness habits can be difficult and often fails without the correct support. Our goal is to change your view on fitness & nutrition so that it becomes an integral part of who you are while suiting your lifestyle.

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