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Thomas-James Romburgh

Personal Trainer   

Sports Coaching Science  


Based at Virgin Active Silo Classic Collection in  Cape Town

Instagram : @tjromburgh

Online coaching

We Coach Via Google Drive Documents;

  • Direct & daily communication with your coach 

  • Weekly & daily tracking forms

  •  Notifications via email  & tasks set out by your coach

  • Training & nutrition tracking via Excel sheets, allowing you to make notes as you go - this will notify your coach 

  • Friendly to use on your mobile or laptop

Get started

Coaching packages depending on the experience you are looking for & what is best advised for you  from our  professionals .

Are you the right client?


With MVIT Living we want to know you're as serious as we are.

It's easy to commit, however it's just as easy to quit. This is why we don't just accept anyone. We  understand what it takes.  We want you to know too. Go though the below to see if you qualify.   

Are you coachable?

Being coachable is being able to trust the process, willing and open to change. Trusting the knowledge that is provided to you your coach will allow a better chance of reaching success. 

Are you able to access Google Drive Documents?

One of the key players to our success. We need to have constant communication to enable us to set task as swell as get feedback from you via our online forms and questionnaires. All the workouts and nutrional plans will be on google drive. Make sure you have it.

Are you willing to invest in technology?

Technology will help us to install better and more defined habits for success. It will also help give accurate feedback with regards to your calories burnt through the day, activity factor, sleeping patterns and so forth. It's also great for accountability and making sure you reach end of the week goals. 

Have you got daily access to fresh wholesome foods?

This experience  will  requier you to make necessary changes to how you consume food. Also require you to prep or have ready-made meals access-able to you. If you are unable to do this, your results will be limited. 

Are you able to get outdoors in gym or use the space at home?

Depending on what is needed of you from your coach to reach your gaols, it will often require you  not just training within the gym but by also putting in that extra work on active rest and recovery days outside of the gym or at home. Make sure you are able to commit to your training environment.